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Hello prospective volunteers! Is it your dream to travel to Africa and assist in helping those who live there? We can offer you several different options for volunteer opportunities. Read through the different descriptions and choose which best suits you.

You can volunteer to teach at the Shikabania School. There are roughly 100 students, ages 4-16. You will be helping to teach them and even play games with the children during their break from the classroom. The average classroom size is 15 students. The school is situated in Nkoaranga, a very beautiful area outside of the noise of the city. The teachers are very welcoming and appreciate having the extra help.

The Tabasamu Childcare Orphanage is another prospective volunteer placement. Here we house 6 children, ages 3-7. They eat, sleep, study, and play here. Local neighborhood kids also stop by throughout the day to play. It’s always a busy place. Your role at the orphanage would be to act as a child care giver, helping the house mama’s to cook, clean, and watch after the little ones. You may also need to escort the children to and from school.

If you have a profession in health care, then you may be most interested in volunteering at the Nkoaranga Hospital. Here you can work alongside local doctors and nurses, learning about the Tanzanian healthcare system.

Love animals? Then you may be most suited to volunteer in the Tanzanian wildlife sector. We have some of the most beautiful and interesting animals in the world living here in the African Savannah. We can help to connect you with organizations that will offer hands on experience with these rare, wonderful beasts.

Tabasamu has recently begun developing our own organic farming program. We need volunteers to assist us with the project, as it is a very important task. Our goal is to be able to raise enough fruits and vegetables to keep the children living here healthy and full. We would also like to take care of a few farm animals to provide the children with more protein that is essential to their diets. Through cultivating our own food, we have an opportunity to teach the children the valuable life skill of growing their own food and how to care for animals.

We welcome You to Tanzania and very much appreciate all help offered. In exchange for your help and time, we offer you an authentic experience with the local culture. If you have any questions about any of the programs above, please feel free to ask! All questions welcome.

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